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Cake Ideas for Theme Parties

A pool party cake is always a delicious way to conclude a fun day at the pool. A perfect fruit-flavoured cake for a pool party during summer months would include Blueberry Cake, Cherry Cake, Lemonade Cake, and Grapefruit Cake. For those of you who are not sure what kind of cake to serve, I recommend going with fruit-flavoured party cake toppers. You can find them almost anywhere, from party stores and bakery shops to internet sites. There are party cake toppers for almost every kind of party.

Party Cake Toppers

Another kind of party cake topper would be the llama cake. A llama is a popular symbol of Mexico, and this birthday cake topper could symbolize the lama as well. The cake can be cut in the shape of a llama with his hind legs out in the centre. Small plastic bags or figurines can be used to hold the cake topper in place. Just a simple way of representing the lamas.

A party cake topper that would look great for any dessert is the Fortnite birthday cake. This desert theme comes with a plastic fort in the middle of a desert dessert. A great idea for the kids is to fill the fort with sand and have the kids make circles around it. The cake toppers can easily be made with a little bit of glitter. Just add some edible ink and use spray paint for the most unique look.

Chocolate Cake

Now, for something completely different we will talk about the chocolate cake. One type of chocolate cake that you might like is skill level 7 chocolate cake. This cake starts by mixing the chocolate chips, milk, egg whites, and sugar until the mixture turns into a smooth batter. Next, you pour this batter into a bowl and then mix in the dry ingredients. Form the cake batter into a round cake and pop into the oven at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

This might sound weird but ice cream sandwiches are great for dessert. You can make a simple sandwich cake. In the same pan that you will bake your chocolate cake, you will need to melt some chocolate ice cream. Once the ice cream has melted place it into your food processor. Use the blades on the processor to cut it into small pieces.

party cake

Now that the ice cream is melting you can add it to your cake. Add two pieces of the chocolate ice cream to the cake and smooth out the top. It is time to add the fruit mixture if you decided to serve ice cream sandwiches. It is always a good idea to have some fruit mixed in the batter. This helps with the texture of the cake and also adds a little bit of colour and flavour.

Some Tips

If you are using a supply drop cake mix and your mixer is not strong enough to make a round cake, you can use a regular 9 inch round cake as toppers. If you are using other types of cake or supply drop cake mix than you might need to do some adjustments to the recipe. Simply adjust the amounts of crumbs, cake mix, and frosting. For instance, if you are making a chocolate cake and you used a 4 oz cup of chocolate chip, you will need to use 3 oz.

Chocolate and cream cakes are a traditional favourite at birthday parties. If you are making your party cake you can use a skill level to help you determine how to proceed. If you are having trouble deciding you can find a party cake recipe on the internet. Once you have the basic set up of the cake and a nice collection of cake toppers you should be able to have your party cake and all the food served on time.

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